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MoonMesh Network

(Mesh Networking)


What is a Mesh Network? 

Essentially, a mesh network (Meshnet) is a local network topology that allows people to relay and share bandwidth and route data from/to other participants. If the network grows stronger, it can operate in a non-hierarchical fashion and the more cooperation the better the network will perform.


Meshnet service provides people with the incentive to host decentralized ISPs in any community, rather than relying on the monopolized services provided by cable and fiber-optic providers. Meshnet delivers both Internet access as well as sites and services hosted locally on the network. Should Internet access for the region be interrupted, the Mesh network will remain up and running making it an ideal network for emergency usage as well as community organizing and hyper-local communication.

Mesh History 

For years, independent mesh networks have been used in places like Berlin, Athens, and Barcelona to help expand Internet access across neighborhoods that lack it, but they have also gained attention for their usefulness in more extreme circumstances. Various mesh networks have been deployed to build independent communication networks at Occupy Wall Street and at Hong Kong’s Occupy Central, for instance, and the State Department has helped to fund their installation in Detroit and Tunisia. They’ve also been used to improve communications after disasters to replace severed communications links.

One network in Red Hook, Brooklyn, built by activists as a way to help the neighborhood stay connected and get emergency updates after superstorm Sandy struck New York in 2012, and supported by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, was selected last week to be part of the city’s new resiliency initiative.

What we can do for you

You need networking to run your business and attract customers.

Meta Mesh Wireless Communities only does one thing: build networks. And because we only do one thing we have gotten really really good at it.

We can design, build, and maintain a wired and wireless network of any size for your business. MoonMesh has provided connectivity for a single access point coffee shop and has built out networks for concert venues with thousands of simultaneous users. 

Moon Telecom can take you from no network to not worrying about your network easily and affordably. The only requirement we have is that you host a MoonMesh public WiFi router when appropriate. 

Using our suite of Ubiquiti-brand networking equipment and management software, we know when there is a problem on your network before you do and we ensure that your equipment is always up to date with the newest security patches.

Let us know what your needs are and we'll custom-build a plan for your business to solve your networking problems.

Contact one of our community consultants today!

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